National Credit Union Foundation grant opportunities

With inflation leading to increased costs of living, such as housing, groceries, and other daily expenses, there is an essential need to ensure our military members are receiving the best financial services from our Nation’s credit unions. The Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) would like to highlight two exciting grant opportunities available to all credit unions through the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF).

These grants are designed to bring dual benefit to both credit unions and their members, with the focus on financial empowerment through coaching, and financial well-being through program development and enhancement. Credit unions will gain fully funded training on financial counseling best practices, technical integration tools to measure overall impact and success, program development, enhancement, and management, as well as networking opportunities with other credit unions in the industry.

The Financial Empowerment Through Coaching project, one of the two available grants, will present ten credit unions fully funded access to Pathways to Financial Empowerment by Inclusiv and Neighborhood Trust. This program provides credit union employees with financial coaching and technical training, as well as resources to measure and ensure improvement of their members’ overall financial well-being.


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