NCUA board briefed on Post-Examination Pilot Survey results

The NCUA board heard a briefing on the agency’s Post-Examination Pilot Survey at its meeting Thursday. NCUA will add qualitative questions, consider credit union asset size in determining survey questions, and consider using a third-party to administer the survey in response to survey answers from credit unions.

The pilot survey was administered by NCUA’s Ombudsman from Sept. 20, 2021 to March 31, and included five questions focused on pre-examination, reporting, and post-examination requirements along with one open-ended question.

Federal credit unions were invited to voluntarily participate in the pilot survey at the conclusion of a regular examination. According to staff, 1,058 credit unions received the survey and 186 participated.

Next steps include extending the current pilot project, determining future survey questions, and researching non-NCUA entities to administer the survey.


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