NCUA charters New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union

The NCUA announced Thursday that it has granted a federal charter and Share Insurance Fund coverage to the New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union in the Bronx, New York.

The new credit union will serve members, parishioners, students, and employees of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, including churches, schools, and recognized charitable organizations under the management, control, or sponsorship of the diocese or its parishes.

Services Offered

The credit union will concentrate its efforts on serving low- and moderate-income members and providing financial education. During its first year of operations, New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union plans to offer its members basic savings and lending services.

“Faith-based credit unions play a vital role in supporting their communities, and this new credit union continues that tradition,” NCUA Chairman Todd Harper said, in announcing the charter. “Through financial education and savings products, the organizers of New York Episcopal will put their members on a path to financial security and success.”


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