New app ties user bank accounts to their facebook accounts

ICICI Bank has launched a Facebook app allowing customers to pay friends, and split expenses. Called “Pockets,” the app offers an array of unique features, including transactional capabilities and account management tools:

“Your Facebook account just became friends with your Bank Account.”
— ICICI Bank

  • Pay a Friend. It allows customers to transfer funds to their friends without knowing their bank account details like account number. Through the app, customers can create electronic coupons that can be redeemed by their friends on (Video demo here.)
  • Split ‘n Share. The app allows customers to split and track group expenses and share them with friends on Facebook. The app also gives the customer the option of sending messages to remind friends on pending payments. (Video demo here.)
  • Recharge Prepaid Mobile Accounts. “Pockets” lets customers recharge their prepaid mobile account instantly, from Facebook itself.
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