New Mexico’s Calf Canyon inferno a powerful reminder the importance of life event loans

As you may have noticed the last couple years, there is no longer any single wildfire season.

The now-annual campaign to tame the nation’s wildfires will start earlier and last longer, as rural communities in northern New Mexico have experienced in late April and early May.

According to Reuters on May 1,  thousands of northern New Mexico residents have fled their villages and small towns as overwhelming winds gusting over 40 miles per hour fueled the largest currently active U.S. wildfire totaling 165,275 acres as of May 5. Its tiny yet destructive embers are reportedly still drifting toward the drought-baked Calf Canyon and the communities of Ledoux, Cleveland, and Mora.

These at-risk farming villages are truly historic, as they were settled in Spanish colonial times. They lie directly in the path of the wildfire, which appears to be the most disastrous of the dozen infernos that are becoming more far-reaching and financially catastrophic as climate change exacerbates the ever-drier conditions.


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