NextGen Know-How: 5 books to help elevate your culture this year

These resources will help change your leadership mindset and provide specific strategies for making an organizational shift.

Most organizations are average. They are stuck—not moving forward and not growing. Why? One answer is that average organizations have average leaders. It is still standard practice for many organizations to promote employees for their technical skills, rather than their ability to lead and inspire other people. This practice perpetuates mediocre culture.

I believe there are three main reasons organizations are average:

  1. As noted above, employees are promoted for technical proficiency, and not leadership proficiency.
  2. The organization’s leaders are conflict-avoidant.
  3. Cultural health is not a strategic priority.

To elevate the culture of your credit union, you must set the standard for leadership and performance. This starts at the executive level. The first thing the executive team must do today to positively impact the leadership quality of the credit union is to declare that you will no longer promote for technical proficiency. To create an exceptional culture, you must start by creating exceptional leaders. This means instilling hiring and promotion practices that focus on leadership qualities, not technical skills. It also means we must train managers and executives to be influential, modern leaders.


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