NextGen Know-How: The top 3 things that hold leaders back

Focus, engagement and delegation are key to successfully leading your credit union team.

Transitioning into a leadership role for the first time can feel overwhelming and uncertain. More often than not, new managers aren’t provided training on where to focus their time and energy for successful leadership.

Although there are many negative habits that can hold leaders back from success, in my experience, new managers (and tenured managers and executives!) particularly struggle with these three areas that can prevent them from growing into influential, successful leaders.

1. Lack of Focus

Most leaders struggle to prioritize their many projects and tasks and become overwhelmed. The ability to focus is one of the most important leadership skills today. To be able to focus, you need clarity. If you don’t have clarity around strategic, departmental or daily goals, you will spin your wheels, spend your days only putting out fires and not get anything of value accomplished. Yet most leaders operate this way.


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