Nussle: CUs stepped up for members during pandemic

CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle appeared on the 100th episode of The CUInsight Experience podcast this week. Nussle, who was the show’s first guest in January 2019, discussed what he has seen from credit unions during the pandemic, among a host of other topics.

“To me, there’s no question that credit unions have stepped up and embodied the phrase I love to use, ‘financial first responders.’ They have been there, they’ve stayed open, they’ve served members, they’ve been creative, they’ve waived fees, they’ve done all sorts of forbearance, they’ve gone outside their comfort zone, they’ve done things they never thought they’d do before,” he said. “[Credit unions] rushed into the breach, no different than a hurricane or wildfire or flood, and did it out of parking lots and over cardboard boxes with masks on and staying socially distant. They stepped up in ways that many said they’d never expect in their wildest dreams.”

Nussle also shared his thoughts on what changes he believes credit unions must make for the future, what he thinks he’ll be proud of in one year’s time, challenges coming in the next few years and more.


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