Oklahoma City bombing 25 years later

Credit union movement’s response to tragedy holds lessons for today.

Oklahoma City National Memorial

At 9:22 a.m. on April 19, 1995, everything changed for Federal Employees Credit Union (FECU) in Oklahoma City.

What started as a normal day for those at the credit union within the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building ended in a horrific attack that killed nearly 200 people, including 18 credit union employees and 100 members.

Twenty-five years later, Allegiance Credit Union (formerly FECU) stands strong and continues to serve the Oklahoma City community. The story of Allegiance’s resiliency in the face of adversity is as important today as the nation faces a time of crisis.

Looking back 25 years

After the attack, Amy Downs, president/CEO, and Terri Talley, business development officer, were buried in rubble 20 feet from each other. Of the credit union’s 33 employees, they were two of 15 survivors.


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