On Compliance: do you focus on the ‘art’ or ‘science’ of GDPR consent?

You’ll be ahead if you go beyond just collecting required permissions to offering members choices and opening conversations with them.

You’ve seen it before, the long form you must sign before participating in a potentially dangerous activity, the checkbox at the bottom of an end user agreement before you can use a new piece of software, the numerous documents that are part of every major financial purchase.

These arduous processes are developed by companies in response to a regulation, an issue or advice from a lawyer. Not surprisingly, organizations are responding similarly to growing regulatory concerns such as General Data Protection Regulation, the proposed ePrivacy regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

In hopes of addressing the new regulations quickly and efficiently, enterprises err on the “science” side of consent collection while ignoring the “art” of consent collection. This is an important distinction because customer consent is the key that unlocks customer conversation and insights that drive a more meaningful exchange.


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