One really simple way to make your website more ADA compliant

Dreaming of the days you’ll be an ADA wizard? Want to get started now? If you can fix the link text on your website, you’ll have a compliance win that affects nearly every page.

Compliance is a big deal these days. Being more ADA compliant can protect your credit union from spendy lawsuits—it also demonstrates you are committed to accommodating your diverse membership base. While 100% ADA compliance might be a myth, showing you prioritize accessibility can go a long way.

Rewriting link text is actually pretty straightforward, as compliance issues go. There’s no need for a complicated spell or a potion list with a billion ingredients.

In general, here’s the rule of thumb to follow: links on a page should be descriptive of where they lead. Seems pretty straightforward, right? But as we’ve worked on many different credit union websites, we’ve seen a lot of rule-breaking, even on a few of our own sites. Here’s what to keep in mind for a magically compliant website.


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