Operational or analytical? The right CRM is both

Many organizations think of CRM solutions as just an analytical tool for marketers or an account management tool for service departments… But, in fact, the right CRM can help you achieve organization-wide operations and compliance goals as well. In fact, operational CRM has a pivotal role to play in streamlining all sorts of business processes related to front-end customer touchpoints.

Operations, compliance, and security leaders take note! Here are some of the many ways CRM can enhance operational efficiency through process management, reporting, and activity tracking:

Streamline Cross-Company Processes

  • One CRM platform supports all users across the company (Branch front desk, Sales/Lending, Marketing) From a systems maintenance standpoint, having a single CRM is the best way to cut costs and reduce unproductive staff time spend navigating across multiple systems or re-keying data.
  • Analytics on the communication channel (i.e. tracking usage) Which channels are preferred by which demographics? When do you need to increase branch staffing? Communication channel analytics can remove the guesswork from channel capacity planning.


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