Optimizing on-site search

Enhance the member experience by making your credit union’s website informative and easier to navigate.

Search engine optimization and your credit union website’s own search feature are more related than not, says Caroline Platkiewicz, marketing campaign manager for Silvercloud, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “Credit unions should work toward optimizing on-site search capabilities to enhance their user experience, to deliver the answers members are looking for faster, easier and more accurately.”

Platkiewicz shares these on-site search best practices:

  • Make the search bar prominent. It should be a large, obvious and simple search bar or icon. Most often it is found in the top right navigation—users are conditioned to look for it there—but can be placed elsewhere if it is consistent and highly visible across the site.
  • Craft useful titles for product and landing pages. Make them intuitive and as detailed as possible to match the search queries that would lead members to this result. For example, assume a member would search for how to do something, like “how to open a new account.” You would want to title the resulting page as closely related to the search query as possible, e.g., “Opening a new account at [CU name].”


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