Pairing security and convenience in the contact center

Every phone call affects your business, so make sure you are making the best possible impression.

Every call a customer or potential customer makes to a financial institution is an opportunity to make a good impression—or an awful one. As competition grows ever fiercer and prospects become more demanding, maintaining a secure and customer-centric contact center operation is essential to success. The alternative isn’t pretty: 32% of all customers worldwide say they will leave a brand they previously loved after just one bad experience.

When considering your contact center, you need to understand the type of experience your customers are having and how it can affect their brand loyalty. Look at how long they are kept on hold, whether every call requires talking to multiple people, if an interactive voice response system enables swift resolution of basic account actions. And, perhaps most importantly, ensure that your callers are who they claim to be.

Contact Centers, COVID-19 and Rising Security Issues

Contact centers have been a vital part of the banking and credit union industry for decades, but the events of the last two years have, if anything, increased businesses’ reliance on phone support. When branches temporarily shuttered in March 2020, businesses began conducting huge portions of formerly in-person operations over the phone. During this time, many contact centers “decentered” to a remote work model that kept employees safe but introduced new security challenges.


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