Paperless billing: Why make the switch?

by Tiffany Taylor, Alison Arthur, and Bethany Frank, Alacriti

It’s undeniable that technology has impacted every aspect of our lives, but that doesn’t mean traditional ways of doing business have been eliminated completely. For example, paper billing remains a critical touchpoint in many business-to-consumer relationships, even though electronic billing is second nature to countless consumers.

Paper statements do provide benefits, including tangible payment reminders, easy record keeping, and a natural touchpoint for customer communication. But electronic billing can deliver those benefits and more. Here are four reasons why businesses should continue encouraging their customers toward electronic bill presentment.

  1. Enhanced Security

Paper bill statements require businesses to print and mail account information to customers. That printed information makes its rounds through several people and departments before arriving in the hands of the correct customer. These lengthy, manual processes can give rise to human error as paper statements are easily lost and can potentially end up in the wrong hands.


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