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- by Mark Leher, Segmint

AI in banking: Beyond the bots

It wasn’t so long ago that artificial intelligence (AI) in banking seemed futuristic. Now, AI in the banking industry is officially mainstream as use cases mature from nice-to-have, cutting-edge options into day-to-day capabilities that [...]

- by Marla Pieton, Segmint

4 business strategies to stay top-of-mind

Remaining relevant in the financial services industry is more challenging than it’s ever been. Competition from new industry entrants, changes from tech giants, the proliferation of online banking and pandemic-related limitations on physical branches [...]

- by Marla Pieton, Segmint

Activating first-party data

The Challenges Facing CUs Credit unions (CUs) are faced with a new urgency in today’s climate, not only to know and understand their members’ financial needs, but also understand how they prefer to engage. [...]

- by Marla Pieton, Segmint

Video is vital for marketers in 2022

Over the last decade marketers have been forced to pivot marketing strategies as media channels and platforms have diversified. Not long ago we were in an analog world, but now in the digital-era media consumption [...]

- by Lauren Culp,

3 Questions with Segmint’s Nate Shahan

CUInsight Publisher & CEO Lauren Culp is joined by Nate Shahan, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Segmint for a quick interview with just 3 questions... Three questions: 1. (0:37) How would you describe [...]

- by Marla Pieton, Segmint

Product adoption done “right”

Every behavior conducted in the virtual world creates data output that is the catalyst for analysis and interpretation. Big data is a profound phenomenon that has exploded over the past several years across a vast [...]

- by Segmint

Where does innovation reside this year in the credit union space?

Ready to learn directly from peers and experts in the financial services space? Segmint’s “Data Jam Sessions,” are a refreshing, live, collaborative, micro-learning experience. A mashup between a podcast, a panel, and a roundtable [...]

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Segmint integrates with Access Softek, Inc. in reseller partnership

Segmint®, the global leader in transaction cleansing and analytics for financial institutions, announced a reseller partnership with Access Softek, Inc. (ASI), an omnichannel digital banking provider that serves over 400 financial institutions. The Access Softek [...]