Plan your 2024 marketing strategy

Are your plans in place for member communications for 2024? Whether you want a second set of eyes on the plan you’ve prepared or need to get started on your marketing content plan for the year, kickoff 2024 with Synergent. Our Marketing Services team is scheduling consultations to discuss marketing strategies and campaign ideas to help you connect with your members each month of the year.

Where to begin

Our team of experts becomes an extension of your team. Together, you’ll start by identifying projects, defining your budget, and setting deadlines that are achievable throughout the year.

“It does take some work up front to create a full marketing plan for the year, but what we hear over and over again is how having a plan in place removes stress throughout the year,” explained Erica Vachon, Senior Marketing Services Representative for Synergent Marketing Services. “It’s proactive, not reactive. It’s easier to follow a defined plan than to make one up as you go. It’s also more strategic and allows for thoughtful creativity during the process.”


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