PODCAST: Beyond the logo

UW Credit Union’s brand refresh started with an examination of what it does and who it serves.

A brand refresh involves much more than changing your logo or adding billboards.

“That’s literally the last thing you do, and it takes the least amount of time,” says Anne Norman, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at UW Credit Union in Madison, Wis.  “The research, strategic choices, and internal executive team alignment are the most crucial and most time consuming to set yourself up to do the fun, sexy stuff everybody gets to see.”

The $2.8 billion asset credit union recently unveiled a new brand identity and tagline, “Here For Every You,” built around supporting members at every step of their life’s journey, Norman says.

“You can’t get to the point with a creative agency where you’re talking about things like color, type face, and iconography if you don’t have a clear, solid foundation of what you are and who you’re serving,” she says.


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