PODCAST: ‘Change needs a champion’

A leader who values a collaborative mindset is key to bringing people together.

To guide an organization through a project that will bring change, potential conflicts, and emotions to the team, having a leader with a collaborative mindset at the helm might be the best scenario.

“I like to think that a collaborative leader is someone who recognizes that changes needs a champion,” Pamela Green tells the CUNA News Podcast. “They have to recognize that there is an opportunity to bring people together, but first, they have to know when people aren’t and when there’s this disconnect, be willing to jump in.”

That connection is key, but collaborative leaders must also have a strong understanding of how each individual department works in an organization and how they work together to attain a common goal, says Green, who is an executive coach and trainer who works with organizations to engage and maximize their talent.

These leaders also can’t be afraid of confrontation, Green says, because bringing together two sides in a disagreement is a vital piece in moving an organization forward.


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