PR Insight: Top 3 tips for refreshing your public relations plan

Mid-year is an ideal time to review and adjust to match your CU’s strategic vision.

Credit unions rely on public relations efforts to propel their brand’s credibility, visibility and, ultimately, their growth. As such, your credit union’s strategic PR plan is its road map to success. It outlines which steps, both short- and long-term, will help you in achieving your goals.

Your PR plan cannot be a “set-it-and-forget-it” deal, but rather, it is an adaptable framework that should guide all decisions moving forward. Any credit union will inevitably experience changes, both within the organization and the industry, that may cause some refocusing and readjusting of the overall plan.

Summer is quickly approaching, and we’re coming up on the mid-year mark, so this is an ideal time to revisit your PR plan and make sure it is still in line with your credit union’s strategic vision. Here are some tips to keep in mind when updating your PR program:


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