PR Insight: Why your credit union should run regular crisis drills in 2019

Emerging threats and a changing media landscape mean preparing for emergency response is more important than ever.

At any given moment, a crisis can occur, often without warning and leaving long-lasting effects that can impact an organization’s reputation. From handling data breaches and growing cybercrime to scandals proliferated through social media, crisis communication planning is critical for your credit union and an integral part of the overall public relations function.

But having a plan is only half the battle.

Practice, Practice, Practice 

Typically, a crisis will only last a few days, but those few days can permanently damage your credit union’s reputation, making it crucial that you not only have a plan in place at all times, but that you practice that plan through regular drills and simulations.

Consider the emergency fire drills we all practiced during our grade school years. Most of us probably never experienced a real school fire, but we were certainly prepared. The same principles should be applied to any organizational crisis—have a plan, and then practice, practice, practice.


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