Prepare for the impact of big change

Create a safe space for strategic brainstorming considering scenarios without the pressure of having to act right away

We often talk about personalization and connecting with the customer, especially as digital adoption grows, but there could be emerging opportunities that are not about forging direct relationships.

Consumer behavior continues to shift, and a noteworthy change is consumer adoption of financial services in places where financial services didn’t exist previously. Think of financing a purchase while shopping online with buy now, pay later, opening a checking or debit account through Google, Uber paying drivers immediately in the app, or Tesla offering car insurance as part of the purchase process. People like having their financial needs addressed conveniently, when they need them, without having to seek them out separately.

The adoption of ultra-convenient financial services is on a rapid growth trajectory as more fintech and other providers embed financial products into their apps. An emerging opportunity for financial institutions stems from the fact that, so far, many fintechs don’t want to become banks. They’d rather focus on their core strengths and leave the banking regulations, infrastructure and details to licensed banks and credit unions.


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