15 credit union professionals graduate GoWest’s Emerging Leaders Program

The graduates and program educator share the significant impact this program has in forming the next generation of leaders.

TIGARD, OR (October 12, 2022) — After seven months of a transformative process, 15 credit union professionals graduated from the GoWest Credit Union Association’s virtual Emerging Leaders Program this month.

Now in its 9th year, this program provides the next generation of credit union leaders with the knowledge, community, and tools they need to cultivate, nurture, and act on their leadership potential — all packed into a virtual medium that’s easily incorporated into participants’ day-to-day credit union responsibilities.

What was unique about the 2022 program was that it featured a special emphasis on the Leadership 360 performance evaluation. This tool helps leaders benchmark their current leadership and inform their developmental path moving forward.

The curriculum was led by Peter Myers with DDJ Meyers, who is a seasoned leadership coach for CEOs, boards, teams, managers, and emerging leaders. He takes advantage of various virtual channels, including group learning sessions, ongoing cohort “buddy” calls, core modules, and exercises specifically developed to advance participants’ leadership skills, enabling credit unions across the GoWest region to connect and grow together.

“Future changes in the financial services environment will continue to inform our business (and way of life),” said Myers. “From our perspective of working with executive teams and boards across the country, is that one of the most significant and impactful opportunities is for credit unions’ mid-level talent to be the protagonist and champions of change. Change envisioned and implemented at the mid-level can take root and be more sustainable than declared from the top.”

Here’s what some of this year’s cohort had to say about the program:
“ELP was really a change maker for me in how I show up each day and brought out competencies in me I knew I had but was too scared to show…I’m excited to continue to hone and develop, as well as be able to share with those I am training and developing within my team.”
Sarah Buck, director of experiences, Forrit Credit Union, Portland

“The traits of a good leader are everywhere if you know where to look. This program really teaches you how to better recognize these skills and make them your own.”
Rosevelt Arellano, Project Manager, Vantage West Credit Union, Tucson, AZ

“The program pushes you to dissect everything about yourself as a leader, and really encourages the subsequent growth in a structured, approachable, organic, and realistic manner. All of the takeaways and feedback I incurred along the way are things that I may otherwise not have either A) ever received in general, or B) not have known how to approach otherwise. This is a fantastic program.”
Crystal Garrison, marketing & Community Development Manager, Fibre Credit Union, Longview, WA.

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Katy Wagnon, SVP, Marketing & Communications

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