1st Street Credit Union generates member excitement using eSign

MIDDLEBURY, VT (July 23, 2021) — Arthur Hart, CEO of 1st Street CU, based in Sarasota, FL, has been exploring the best ways to push technology to attract younger credit union members while serving the older demographics who are less open to adopting them. His efforts led him to employ a unique initiative by offering a 0.5% interest discount on all loans closed using e-Sign, generating quite an excitement with the members and credit union staff alike.

Arthur explained his outlook on their unique approach: “With the recent upgrade of our eDOC imaging solution that includes eSignature, we thought of a balanced initiative to engage all of our members, regardless of their backgrounds. We decided to offer a 0.5% discount on interest rates for any loans closed via eSign. Member response has been phenomenal! The promotion generated great excitement with our members while giving us a competitive advantage for anyone who is shopping interest rates. Ease of administering the loan process through eSign afforded the staff a better way to serve the members. Each staff member is also doing extremely well in being ambassadors for the new software and driving membership use.”

“Innovative offerings like Arthur’s are what I love about this industry,” comments Mark Fierro, eDOC CEO. “With purchasing software or introducing a new solution, the challenge often involves how to improve user adoption rate and maximizing the return on investment. 1st Street is a great example of how multiple tools, when effectively promoted, can lead to member success. Arthur continues to look for ways to use eSign outside of loans, and we look forward to seeing what else he comes up with.”

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