2013 Golden Globe Nominee Sofia Vergara Elected as “Best Celebrity Saver” by

Before the Golden Globes take place this evening, top personal finance site,, examines the list of high-profile nominees to identify the celebrity who sets the best example for viewers when it comes to saving money and selects Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, January 13, 2013 – Sofia Vergara is hailed as one of the most enticing and talented women on TV, but as the highest earning TV actress, Vergara has also established herself as an example of a smart saver. Personal finance site Go Banking Rates is proud to designate Vergara as the “Best Celebrity Saver.” In her honor, the finance site identifies how consumers who have yet to open a savings account or simply struggle with growing their savings can take a cue from Vergara’s excellent money management skills.

According to Forbes Magazine, Sofia Vergara’s net worth was approximately $19 million between May 2011 and May 2012. As a result, she’s currently known as the highest paid TV actress.

However, Vergara has avoided making headlines for wasteful spending, foreclosure or bankruptcy, like many other high-earning celebrities. Go Banking Rates attributes this to intelligent money management and money saving skills employed by the actress.

“The Golden Globes bring together the most admired celebrities in television and film,” says Go Banking Rates managing editor, Casey Bond. “I think it’s important to take this opportunity and point out the positive examples many of the nominees set when it comes to managing money.”

For individuals who wish to see some of the financial success Vergara has enjoyed, Go Banking Rates has compiled a guide to the major lessons this actress can teach others about saving money.

To see the full guide, please click here.

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