3131 Media Solutions launches new podcast ‘Targeted Impressions’ hosts gets candid with leaders, entrepreneurs on effective communication and getting straight to the point

METAIRIE, LA (December 20, 2023) — 3131 Media Solutions, a full-service advertising agency, is ending 2023 on a high note with the launch of a brand-new podcast, Targeted Impressions. Hosted by Executive Director Scott Cody, Targeted Impressions is dedicated to exploring the world of effective communication in any industry, at any level.

While it’s common knowledge that communication is important in any relationship, it doesn’t necessarily make it a common practice. The best leaders know that the process of transferring meaning from one person to another is filled with obstacles. They know what those obstacles will be in advance, and proactively deal with them straight on. Through fun and casual conversations, Targeted Impressions welcomes these leaders as they share their secrets on effectively getting their message across.

Cody is an accomplished media veteran whose passion-driven expertise makes him a perfect fit for the role. “While advancements in technology are convenient, the ability to effectively communicate person to person hasn’t kept pace.” Cody said. “By finding out how successful people get their ideas across to others, hopefully we can keep just one person from reading the entire page of their next power point presentation.”

Listeners can subscribe to Targeted Impressions wherever podcasts are streamed. Reach out to

3131 Media Solutions for interview opportunities or other queries.

About 3131 Media Solutions

3131 Media Solutions is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that offers seamless integration of strategy, content, digital utilization, media buying, and analytics. Structured as a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), 3131 Media Solutions is a subsidiary of OnPath Federal Credit Union that extends our collective experience and expertise to other industries, including retail, home improvement, legal, healthcare, automotive, and more.


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