$48M HealthShare FCU finds member and loan growth

Your Marketing Co. “is like an extension of my arm”

GREENVILLE, SC (October 4, 2022) — COVID hit HealthShare Federal Credit Union and its members particularly hard, because its healthcare-based members were too busy to stop into a branch and, because the credit union’s branches are located in healthcare facilities, others couldn’t get in. HealthShare CEO Genice DeCorte explained that she wanted to extend more credit to consumers of modest means while also increasing loans, membership and product usage across its members.

The median household income in Greensboro, N.C. is $41,518/year versus $53,482/year nationwide, according to One third of residents make less than $30,000 per year and the average credit score is 675, WalletHub reported.

“We’re a small credit union,” DeCorte shared, “so doing anything is difficult. It’s challenging for the CEO to do all they have to do and run marketing. Working with Your Marketing Co. has been lifechanging. We can already see the results.”

The $48 million credit union came on board with Your Marketing Co. this past spring, and the service and the results have been beyond anything she expected, DeCorte said. HealthShare experienced negative member growth since COVID, but in a little longer than one quarter, it’s up to 1.09%. Despite changing the credit union’s focus from mortgages to consumer lending, it’s on track to meet last year’s 10.19% growth.

DeCorte continued, explaining that personal loans were down 13% in 2020; now they’re up 5.48%. Auto loans are up 5.41%, RV/boat/motorcycle loans are up 103%. Credit cards are up 7.52%.

When going through the process of finding a credit union marketing agency, others seemed competent but could be limited in their scope, DeCorte observed. “[Your Marketing Co. Relationship Development Leader] Sheridan [Vance] is like an extension of my arm,” she said. “When I contact her about something, she’s on it in minutes and brings marketing ideas to me, too! She’s saved me time, and that’s my most valuable asset.”

Your Marketing Co. CEO Bo McDonald commented, “Hearing Genice’s words is incredibly rewarding because we understand the struggles of our boutique credit unions. We love to hear that our efforts to lift some of the weight off credit union leaders’ shoulders by providing expert marketing through Sheridan and others on our team have been effective. Boutique credit unions’ thrival is our goal, and HealthShare has proven what’s possible.”

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