4Front Credit Union wins Q2 Purposeful Banker Award for helping members save with Plinqit

Q2 names 4Front Credit Union the “Most Innovative Financial Institution of the Year” for helping members collectively save more than $920,000 with Plinqit

ANN ARBOR, MI (November 30, 2022) — Q2 Holdings, Inc., a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for banking and lending, has named 4Front Credit Union the “Most Innovative Financial Institution of the Year” in their annual Purposeful Banker Awards for the credit union’s successful partnership with Plinqit, a savings platform that pays users for learning about personal finances.

As a member-owned financial cooperative serving more than 97,600 members across the state of Michigan, 4Front Credit Union wanted to help members save money and establish better financial habits. To accomplish this, the credit union chose to partner with Plinqit. Using Plinqit’s financial education tools and resources, 4Front’s members are empowered to manage their personal finances in a way that puts them closer to their unique financial goals.

Since 2017, Q2’s Purposeful Banker Awards have recognized the financial institutions and leaders who are making a tremendous impact within their organizations and the community. This year’s award winners were recognized at Q2’s BankOnPurpose conference, which took place Nov. 15-17 in Austin, Texas.

After reviewing a record number of submissions, Q2 chose to recognize 4Front Credit Union as the “Most Innovative Financial Institution of the Year” for helping members collectively save more than $920,000 to date. 4Front Credit Union has also helped members strengthen their personal finance skills by completing nearly 800 financial education courses through Plinqit. Since partnering with Plinqit, more than 1,300 of 4Front’s members have engaged with the savings platform.

“Being recognized by Q2 in this year’s Purposeful Banker Awards is an honor and we hope our success showcases the importance of effective financial wellness and savings programs,” said Andy Kempf, CEO of 4Front Credit Union. “It’s great to have a fantastic partner on our journey toward financial freedom for all.”

“The team at Plinqit is proud to see our friends at 4Front Credit Union honored for the positive difference they are making in the lives of members,” said Kathleen Craig, founder and CEO of Plinqit. “Their team recognized that rewarding members can help them maintain more positive financial habits long-term, including budgeting and growing their savings. No matter what the current economic climate is, saving is the first step on the path to financial wellness, so giving members a way to learn, save and get rewarded makes a meaningful impact.”

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