Access Softek’s access commercial platform presents growth opportunity for community financial institutions

BERKELEY, CA (August 13, 2020)Access Softek, Inc., a digital banking platform provider, has announced its commercial banking platform, Access Commercial, enabling community financial institutions to maintain a presence in the $600 billion commercial banking market.

Access Commercial creates a seamless online experience for credit unions and community banks to meet business’s specific needs, strengthen existing business relationships and even attract new ones. Community businesses present an opportunity for exponential growth for community financial institutions; however, many do not have the solutions in place to serve this market. Access Commercial was created to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) manage their finances easily and efficiently, directly through a digital platform.

“Our commercial business accounts are looking for more online abilities, flexibilities and control with their virtual banking access and experience” said Carol Wadleigh, Chief Information Officer at Partner Colorado Credit Union. “Access Commercial gives us the ability and the tools to provide online commercial banking services to these members, tailored to their needs, that helps us deliver these services and grow our commercial lines of business – from small to large – in a cost-effective manner.”

Access Commercial supports operational functionalities across the FI, providing each user a unique interface depending on their role, as defined by the business owner. This includes money movement channels, limits, approvals and access to additional services. Access Commercial also contains an audit feature that helps show which employees have certain responsibilities. The platform supports a robust business bill pay, payroll, same day ACH and wire transfers to enable streamlined payments options for both revenue and expenses. This solution also offers a real-time integration into Quickbooks, allowing them to see all of their transactions with the platform’s cash flow tool.

“Small businesses are in need of intuitive solutions that help them tackle the enormous task of managing finances. These business owners and employees are accustomed to next-generation digital experiences in their personal lives, and they need the same when they go to work,” said Chris Doner, founder and CEO of Access Softek. “We created our platform with the needs of the business owner in mind to help them better manage their cash flow and capital in this challenging economy.”

About Access Softek Inc

Access Softek is the trusted partner of credit unions and banks, providing comprehensive Access Digital suite of banking solutions that includes everything consumers and business owners need from the basics of online and mobile banking to account opening and lending, conversational banking, biometric authentication, real-time fraud prevention, automated investing, crypto solution that can be integrated directly into a financial institution’s digital banking platform, modern intuitive member UI/UX, and other innovative products. Today, over six million clients securely and easily manage their money using Access Softek solutions. Access Softek sets the standard for the omnichannel digital banking landscape, and for over three decades continues to deliver industry firsts and ensure reliable support from its Berkeley, California, headquarters. For more information, visit


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