Acura and BMW Top List of 2013’s Most Affordable Luxury Cars, According to New Report

Luxury cars can seem out of reach for car shoppers on a budget. However, personal finance site,, investigates what the term “luxury” really means in the automotive industry and uncovers the five most affordable luxury cars on the market today that provide a premium look and feel, for thousands of dollars less.

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 13, 2013) The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) reports that new car dealership sales have gone up more than 12 percent in 2011, marking a second straight year of post-recession sales growth. Despite this indication of increased car buying, however, bridging the gap between luxury and frugality can be a challenge for auto loan borrowers today. In its latest analysis, explains the concept of luxury vehicles and uncovers the most affordable luxury cars in 2013.

The report reveals that the label “luxury” is elicited more from an experience rather than a vehicle’s specific features or trim level.

“Luxury is a highly subjective concept,” explains car enthusiast Frederick Coates to “Luxury cars are supposed to have a certain emotion associated with them — almost intangible — that affects how they make a driver feel.”

Coates compares a standard Audi A3 with a fully-loaded economy car like a Hyundai Elantra GT and states that “both may have leather and the Hyundai will have more features, but only one gets the nod for being considered ‘premium.’”

With this concept in mind, the report identifies five of the cheapest luxury cars of 2013 that give car buyers the feeling of luxury at a lower price. At the top of the list are:

1. 2014 Acura ILX Sedan

The Acura ILX Sedan made it onto the list of the cheapest luxury cars because the brand has established itself as a competitor in the luxury automotive space. In addition to exuding a high-class experience, the findings cite the ILX’s tangible attributes that provide a luxury feel such as standard leather power seats and multi-angle rear camera view.

2. 2013 BMW 1 Series Coupe

Commonly referred to as the “Baby Bimmer,” the BMW 1 series is the bottom tier in BMW’s lineup, according to the investigation. With a reported MSRP starting at $32,125, the financing cost for the well-renowned brand isn’t far from reach.

Also included in the list of the most affordable luxury cars are brands such as Volvo, Audi and Cadillac.

See the full list here:

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