Adlumin announces IBM iSeries mainframe support

WASHINGTON, DC (March 2, 2021) Last month, Adlumin announced that its platform now supports the IBM iSeries mainframes and all core banking platforms that operate on the iSeries. This new addition will expand customers’ access to and understanding of their network within the platform.

Adlumin’s new sensor for the IBM i platform is the latest addition to its core banking monitoring suite. The IBM i sensor collects all relevant logs from core banking platforms and alerts users in real-time to threats, malfunctions and IT operations failures on the most mission-critical assets.

Core banking systems are connected to various bank services and the complexity of the interfaces can present opportunities for malicious actors to inflict massive financial damages. These platforms represent a financial institution’s central nervous system and store high-value data that are at constant risk of attack or failure.

“The addition of the IBM i sensor offers our customers complete network monitoring coverage including endpoints, servers, network devices, third-party software integrations and core banking platforms,” explained Dan McQuade, Director of Application Development at Adlumin. “Our goal is to provide customers with a complete view of what is happening inside their network.”

The company specially developed the software to have a minimal footprint, with very low resource utilization and no impact on overall system performance. Working in conjunction with the Adlumin Collector virtual machine, the sensor can deploy onto systems without internet connectivity.
Alongside the new sensor, Adlumin built an IBM log model that identifies incoming logs based on two factors: how rare or anomalous a log is and whether the log is indicative of any threats, malfunctions, or IT operations failures.

“Building this IBM model within the platform was a critical part of our process. The model establishes the anomalous character of a log by comparing incoming logs to log templates that the model compiled during training,” said Mahkah Wu, Lead Data Scientist at Adlumin.

Some key strengths of this IBM model include:

  • No prior knowledge of the log structure is required. It automatically adjusts to log format changes and new kinds of logs.
  • Operates in near real-time and is applied to data as it is ingested. Any logs of interest are immediately delivered to Adlumin’s front-end product.
  • Retrained daily on recent data. It always reflects typical system behavior.

The goal is to continue supporting core banking platforms through advancements within the Adlumin platform. The company is filing a patent that will cover several approaches to classifying IBM log anomalies in a streaming context. Adlumin looks forward to expanding its platform to meet all current and potential customers’ requirements and needs.

About Adlumin

Adlumin Inc. provides the enterprise-grade security operations platform and managed detection and response services that keep mid-market organizations secure. With one license and one platform, its patented technology gives organizations and solution providers everything they need for effective threat hunting, incident response, vulnerability management, darknet exposure monitoring, compliance support, and much more. Follow Adlumin: TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.


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