Advanced Wealth Partners launches new division for professional athletes: Advanced Wealth Professionals (AWPROS)

NEW YORK, NY (January 24, 2014) — For over 25 years, Advanced Wealth Partners has been trusted by corporations and individuals to provide strategic, customized financial and insurance plans using the most sophisticated tools. Now, tapping into their national resources and services network, AWP is launching a new platform devoted to helping professional athletes manage their personal and financial lives.

From the Super Bowl to the toilet bowl:

Despite staggering salaries, 78% of NFL players, 60% of NBA players and a large percentage of MLB players file for bankruptcy within five years of retirement. Mainly this is due to bad investments and advice.

AWPROS has assembled an all-star team of retired professional athletes and executives with extensive experience working with players from the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, PGA and NHL. The team is led by Managing Partner, Tomer Dicturel. Partners include Todd Hunter and Maurice Evans. The new division has been built from the ground up with the sole purpose of assisting athletes in all areas of their off-field life, including financial planning, tax and estate planning, insurance, procurement, business services including payroll, concierge services, branding and marketing, career development, lending and much more.

The difference between AWPROS and their competition is that the AWPROS playbook includes in-depth knowledge of the challenges that specifically relate to professional athletes’ financial and personal lives. The goal is to provide athletes with 360 degrees of service so they can enjoy the benefits of their family, wealth and lifestyle during their career and during a second career or retirement.

AWPROS integrates seamlessly with other professional advisors, property managers, household administrators and personal assistants to handle the financial and administrative aspects of the athlete’s lifestyle and to protect, enhance and preserve wealth.

Dicturel says of the new venture, “We saw a strong need among athletes for a company that can offer a variety of professional services. Since the AWPROS team is made up of ex-professional athletes, sports executives and financial experts, we share a special understanding of the player’s lives and challenges, and we’re confident that by using our services, AWPROS will make a significant, positive and lasting impact on athlete’s lives.”

Tomer will be representing AWPROS during a panel discussion at the Enterprise Organization NY & NJ Business of Football event on January 29, 2014 at the Chart House in Weehawken, NJ.

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