A+FCU announces high school savings challenge winners

AUSTIN, TX (June 8, 2015) — For six months students and staff at four area high schools―Connally, Hendrickson, Round Rock and San Marcos― committed to learning about personal finance and setting financial goals through A+ Federal Credit Union’s (A+FCU) Savings Challenge: School Showdown. The contestants attended workshops, completed online financial literacy courses and worked hard to reach their individual financial goals.

A+FCU is excited to announce that Hendrickson High School won the High School Challenge Award and $5,000. Hendrickson students and staff helped the school earn points based on participation in on-site and online financial workshops and number of accounts opened.

Hendrickson principal Devin Padavil said, “Winning the savings challenge was gratifying for two reasons. It affirmed the value of our great relationship with A+FCU and the competitive spirit of our great high school. It also provided funds that will help fund more learning opportunities for students and teachers.”

The judges also selected the top student and staff member from each school. The winners received $1,000 for earning the most points and working towards their pre-set goals. Winners are:

School: Connally; student: Collins Chima; teacher: Patricia Baggerly
School: Hendrickson; student: Fernando Corral; teacher: Gay Holub
School: Round Rock; student: Emily Risinger; teacher: Clay Bennett
School: San Marcos; student: Jessica Garcia; teacher: Anthony Williams

Both students and staff members agreed that the experience will help them improve their financial future. San Marcos staff member Anthony Williams said, “#SnowballingISlife! This is MAGIC…SO easy it should be illegal…cannot begin to describe the savings; you gotta try it for yourself!”

Round Rock student Emily Risinger said, “I am thankful I learned about credit cards and debt. As an adult, I will utilize the methods to minimize debt and manage it efficiently.”

A+FCU is dedicated to providing the communities we serve with free financial education resources to help everyone achieve financial independence whether in our student-run branch, through our online financial courses with MoneyEdu or at one of our free workshops. A+FCU remains committed that learning smart money skills is important at EVERY life stage.

For more information, visit Savings Challenge: School Showdown.

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