Affinity Plus member awarded two academic scholarships from credit union organizations

Annie S. was awarded $1,000 Harvey Bakke scholarship in addition to her $5,000 scholarship from the Affinity Plus Foundation.

ST. PAUL, MN (May 20, 2015) — Affinity Plus is proud to announce that Annie S., a student-member of the credit union, is the recipient of a $1,000 Harvey Bakke academic scholarship from the Minnesota Family Involvement Council (FIC). In order to apply for the FIC scholarship, applicants must be credit union members and demonstrate involvement in their school and community, and provide an essay on their interpretation of The American Dream.

“I am honored and humbled to be a recipient of the Affinity Plus and FIC scholarships this year,” shares Annie. “I am excited to dive headfirst into my studies and activities at Penn this fall without the weight and worry of finances.”

“To aspiring applicants: let yourself shine in the essays! I wrote about the things I love: piano, research, and Chipotle burritos. Essays with passion are the best to both read and write, so have fun!”

The FIC is comprised of credit union volunteers who assist Minnesota credit unions in gaining access to financial education resources for all ages, which includes offering an annual scholarship for student-members pursuing higher education.

“Alleviating the burden many students face when it comes to thinking about how they’re going to pay for college is a venture we’ll continue to support and be sure to let them know about,” states Affinity Plus President and CEO, Dave Larson.

In February of this year, the Affinity Plus Foundation announced Annie S. was one of its $5,000 academic scholarship recipients. With the addition of her recent award through the FIC, the total amount of scholarship dollars she’s received through opportunities available exclusively to credit union members is $6,000.

“Scholarship opportunities like these highlight one of the many benefits of being a credit union member – which is that we want to give back to our membership,” reflects Larson. “These scholarships will really help our student-members pay for the overall cost of their higher education.”

“I am so proud of Annie and her accomplishments. She is one of 16 winners out of nearly 700 applications we received this year!” said Bridget Petersen, FIC Chair. “The quality of applicants we have each year makes it clear that credit union members in Minnesota care about their education and the credit unions they belong to.”

The FIC scholarship is available each year in October and the submission deadline is in February. More information about the FIC scholarship can be found here:

The Affinity Plus Foundation scholarship is available each year in September, and the submission deadline is in January. More information about the Foundation can be found here:

Photo: Annie S.

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