Alliance, LLC provides an efficient, flexible settlement solution for lenders

(March 5, 2015) — Tewksbury Federal Credit Union and CU Close, LLC have partnered to launch Alliance, LLC, a collaborative enterprise dedicated to helping lending institutions profit from combined volume and more efficient vendor management.

“We are pleased and excited to team with CU Close to deliver mortgage lenders end-to-end solutions from loan application to closing,” said Shelley Holden, CEO of Tewksbury Federal Credit Union. “Alliance, LLC will provide mortgage lenders with one of the most powerful and cost effective settlement service tools in the industry. We have been using it for 10 years and love the simplicity.”

At the core of Alliance is a proprietary software platform designed to provide a robust, yet user-friendly, vendor management system. When used in its entirety, duplicate data entry is completely eliminated.

The online Alliance “dashboard” brings together dozens of nationally recognized vendors and service providers into an easy-to-use, single-point-of-access solution. In addition to providing access to a range of leading vendors including appraisal and flood certification providers, title and closing companies, and specialists in recordings and document preparation, lenders are able to customize their selection of providers at the click of a button.  Lenders who utilize Alliance receive one monthly invoice for all settlement vendors.

By pooling volume from its clients, Alliance leverages lenders’ collective buying power to drive down the cost of mortgage settlement services provided by a nationwide stable of top vendors. As a result, lenders have the potential to continue to use their customary vendors while receiving lower cost execution.

“The goal of Alliance is simple,” says Mike Steuer, Sr., founder of CU Close and President of Alliance, LLC. “Our platform is designed to give lending institutions the ability to close more loans per month and spend less per loan.”

In addition, because of its organization as a Credit Union Service Organization lenders, clients have the potential to earn a revenue stream in the form of dividends paid out of Alliance profits. The more that lenders leverage the Alliance platform, the greater their potential dividends. Lender clients also benefit from access to Alliance Protection – a program under which loans may be insured above 80% of the property value.

The Alliance vendor management platform is currently available for use by lenders by going to

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