Altura Credit Union awards $50,000 in college scholarships

RIVERSIDE, CA (June 28, 2018) — The Altura Credit Union Scholarship Foundation recently awarded $50,000 in college scholarships to students graduating from Riverside County public and private high schools who plan to attend college in the fall. Scholarships of $1,000 were awarded to 50 students this year.

“Altura has been empowering the college dreams of high school students since 1993,” said Jennifer Binkley, Altura CEO and president. “Altura has always strongly supported education and students, and our scholarship program is just one of the many ways we do that. Since its inception, we have awarded more than $650,000 in scholarships, assisting 685 students in achieving their education goals.”

Of the scholarships awarded this year, 30 are general scholarships, five are for students in AVID program and 10 scholarships are designated for students planning to attend the University of California, Riverside. Five additional students received memorial or special scholarships this year, including the “Altura Future Leader Scholarship,” funded by CEO Binkley.

Altura’s scholarship program is open to students who, upon graduation from a public or private high school in Riverside County, plan to attend an accredited college in the fall. Students are selected for scholarships based on their academic record, financial need, extracurricular activities and an essay detailing their college goals.

Altura CEO Jennifer Binkley participated in the Awards Ceremony at Hemet’s West Valley High School, where she awarded eight scholarships to graduating seniors. In total, Altura awarded $50,000 in college scholarships in 2018 to students graduating from Riverside County public and private high schools.

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