America’s Credit Union partners with OnApproach to leverage the full potential of its data

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (June 17, 2016) — OnApproach (, a leading provider of Big Data and Analytics solutions for credit unions, is pleased to announce America’s Credit Union of Lewis McChord, WA has signed an agreement to implement the OnApproach M360 Enterprise – A data integration and Analytics solution.

America’s Credit Union (asset size: $550 Million, core processor: Symitar (Epysis)) was looking for a solution to integrate data from multiple sources in support of its efforts to build meaningful member relationships. Driven by an increasing number of product offerings and a widening variety of delivery channels (e.g. mobile), credit unions are facing the challenge of exponential data growth. The ability to integrate disparate data sources in order to capture value from data analytics is crucial and OnApproach M360 Enterprise will enable America’s to compete and thrive in an industry being constantly disrupted by FinTech Startups and outside competitors.

“We have been looking for an analytics solution that we felt could encompass our enterprise wide data needs. Analytics is critical to our future and the future of this industry, and we needed a solution that could take us there. OnApproach was the obvious choice in helping us to integrate the myriad of ancillary data sources with that from our core system and turning that data into analytics,” stated Ken Leonard, President & CEO of America’s Credit Union.

“We are thrilled to have the support of the Executive management team at America’s in choosing OnApproach M360 as their data integration platform for analytics. M360 is part of a collaborative Analytics Eco-System that our CUSO is building to make this whole industry stronger,” said Paul Ablack, CEO, OnApproach.

About OnApproach

OnApproach is the only CUSO dedicated to credit union success through a collaborative analytics ecosystem. By providing a secure and frictionless data experience, OnApproach empowers credit unions to take full control of their own data and their own futures. We exist to serve the credit union movement with technology and expertise required for the digital transformation of the industry business model. OnApproach’s collaborative ecosystem enables communities of users, data scientists, and application developers focused on analytics innovation


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