Amid growing credit union demand, Trellance releases five new cloud-based products

TAMPA, FL (April 5, 2022) — To meet growing demand by credit unions for cloud-based data analytics, Trellance is announcing the release of five new cloud offerings. 65% of credit unions have either invested in, or plan to invest and implement cloud-based solutions, according to a recent Cornerstone Advisors survey.

Trellance’s new cloud-based business analytics offerings are available by monthly subscription and include:

  • Episys M360 Cloud Edition
  • Keystone M360 Cloud Edition
  • DNA M360 Cloud Edition
  • Predictive Analytics Cloud Edition
  • A designated portal for cloud users

Trellance now supports the three leading core systems, Episys, Keystone, and DNA, enabling core data from these systems to be pulled directly into Trellance’s cloud-based descriptive and predictive analytics platform for data analysis and business intelligence. This decreases the costs and efforts required by credit unions to transform data into valuable information, while streamlining data integration and scalability efforts.

The native cloud technologies in the Trellance business analytics suite leverage artificial intelligence to identify patterns and suggest actionable insights. With AI-derived precision, it formulates strategies to reduce member attrition, identify clusters of behavior across members and suggest the most appropriate product based on each member’s unique experience with the credit union.

“Since the launch of our cloud platform in the fall of 2020, we have seen a surge in cloud propensity from credit unions of all sizes,” said Paolo Teotino, Trellance’s chief product officer. “With our latest cloud offering, we are democratizing credit union access to business analytics and artificial intelligence by offering it ‘as-a-service.’ The cloud technology makes it increasingly possible for credit unions to act faster, better utilize data, drive optimal business decisions very cost-effectively.”

Centra Credit Union AVP of Business Analytics Carrie Jenkins said CCU has recently entered into an agreement with Trellance to migrate their existing on-prem M360 platform to the cloud. “Not having to maintain hardware frees up resources that we can reinvest into getting the most out of the analytics applications provided by Trellance,” Jenkins said.

In addition to CCU, other credit unions that recently signed contracts to leverage the Trellance cloud platform include:

  • Central Minnesota Credit Union
  • Silver State Schools Credit Union
  • BayPort Credit Union
  • Del Norte Credit Union
  • First Financial of Maryland Federal Credit Union

As Trellance has increased its offerings in the cloud, the company has also further strengthened its cloud security posture. It recently obtained the Cloud Security Alliance’s STAR (Security, Trust, Assurance, and Risk) Registry Level 2 certification, which requires a rigorous third-party independent assessment and meets the highest security requirements in the financial industry. Trellance is also compliant with SOC 1 and 2 standards and is a Level 1 Service Provider certified with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

As Trellance continues to add credit unions to its new cloud platform, it still plans to support credit unions with on-premise infrastructure.

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