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- by Oscar Porras, Humanidei

What is quiet quitting, really?

There was a time in my career when I was showing up to the credit union and doing the bare minimum. I continued to open accounts, help members with loans, and did what was required. [...]

- by Carlyn Roy, Humanidei

“9 to 5” isn’t just a movie

Jane Fonda brought attention to 9-to-5 when she drafted the script for the iconic film in 1978, but it’s so much more than just an entertaining movie: It’s based on true stories from [...]

- by Oscar Porras, Humanidei

Diversity Day at The Office

I recently discovered the Superfan episodes of the sitcom, “The Office,” which prompted me to go back and watch the series from the beginning. I hadn’t remembered that the series’ second episode was “Diversity [...]

- by Carlyn Roy, Humanidei

Succession planning leads to success

Since joining the Humanidei team in my role as Executive Development Partner just a few months ago, I have had countless conversations with credit union professionals about the future leadership of their credit unions. These [...]

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