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- by Carlyn Roy, Humanidei

Succession planning leads to success

Since joining the Humanidei team in my role as Executive Development Partner just a few months ago, I have had countless conversations with credit union professionals about the future leadership of their credit unions. These [...]

- by Carl Clark, Humanidei

DEI champions: Burning out or burning bright?

In the summer of 2020, the DEI profession was among the fastest growing occupations in America. Fortune 500 companies were adding first-ever, executive-level DEI leaders, and credit unions were, too. The only problem? While the [...]

- by Jill Nowacki, Humanidei

2022: The year of the soft start

The last Friday before his winter break, I was driving my son to school, peppering him with questions and conversation starters meant to add energy and inspiration to his day and being met with the [...]

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