AMOCO Believes in Making a Difference With Kindness & Compassion

LEAGUE CITY, Texas (January 24, 2013) – On Monday, January 21, the lives of AMOCO Federal Credit Union employees were forever changed. The employee training day started off with green eggs and ham to go with the theme of Dr. Seuss and AMOCO made it their own with “Oh, The Places You’ll Go With AMOCO!” For the first time, all AMOCO employees had a chance to experience Rachel’s Challenge, a program that 10,000 students, teachers and parents from local schools in Galveston County have taken part in. The educational program has gained national notoriety – as well as praise from educators, parents, students and businesses – on the strength of its message: kindness, compassion and starting positive chain reactions. The program is devoted to prevent violence and bullying by engaging youth and adults to spread acts of kindness and compassion.

Presented by Darrell Scott, Rachel Scott’s father, the afternoon started off with the story of Rachel who was the first student killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Rachel’s story has been presented to more than 18 million people all over the world and has transformed businesses, schools and communities with a simple but profound message of kindness and compassion. The presentation topics include personal development, diversity, team building, customer support and community outreach. The business side of the presentation is focused on transforming workplace culture and climate. Darrell Scott, founder of Rachel’s Challenge, touched the hearts of AMOCO employees by sharing the story of his 17 year old daughter whose small acts of kindness and compassion changed the lives of those she touched forever. AMOCO employees experienced in depth training by presenter Mike Walker, the training was customized to the company to start a chain reaction within the organization.

The program produces an intensely personal, reflective experience; an awakening of the innate desire for human connection; desire for change; and the undeniable urge to take immediate action.

AMOCO employees, board members and the executive team were all moved in such a positive way after experiencing this wonderful program. One AMOCO employee said, “Words cannot describe how much I was affected by this presentation. It really hit home for me in more than one way.” Another stated that Rachel’s Challenge was a wonderful and unforgettable presentation and that she is so honored that AMOCO is in full support of spreading this message throughout Galveston County.  AMOCO employee, MaShonda Birdwell, said, “Thank you for bringing this to us, I will be forever changed.” Debbie Castaneda said, “My son is a student at Levi Fry in Texas City and last week his school had Rachel’s Challenge. This is the 3rd time he has seen the program. Before the program started, they announced that AMOCO was a sponsor for Rachel’s Challenge and he immediately jumped up and said, “My mom works at AMOCO.” AMOCO employees know they can make a difference and are ready to take the challenge and change their communities for good!

We invite you to attend a Rachel’s Challenge community-wide event near you. News Media Representatives are welcome to attend the Rachel’s Challenge program at any of the participating schools. If interested, they should contact the school directly for media access. Additional program dates and locations are as follows: January 30 at Dickinson High School; February 11 at Blocker Middle School and Roosevelt-Wilson Elementary; February 12 at Scott Collegiate Academy; and February 13 at Mosbacher Odyssey Academy. If you would like to help AMOCO extend this program school district by school district throughout all K-12 schools in Galveston County, please consider sponsoring a school near you or making a monetary contribution to the Rachel’s Challenge Galveston Community Activation Fund. To donate, please visit the Galveston County Activation Fund website at–Galveston-TX_p_98.html.

AMOCO Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial organization. AMOCO’s mission is to serve and satisfy its members. AMOCO strives to provide the best products and services available to its members by offering low loan rates, higher dividends and higher savings rates. For more information on Rachel’s Challenge, please contact Lori Korndorffer, Marketing Specialist forAMOCO Federal Credit Union at 281.534.5515 or

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