Andrews Federal Credit Union turns to DeepTarget to provide member-specific digital engagements and personalized financial stories

HUNTSVILLE, AL (December 14, 2021)DeepTarget Inc., a solution provider that utilizes data mining and business intelligence to deliver targeted engagements across digital channels for banks and credit unions, today announced that Suiteland, Md.-based Andrews Federal Credit Union, has successfully implemented its Digital Experience Platform (DXP). The credit union utilizes DeepTarget’s platform through the integration with its digital banking platform from Q2 Holdings, Inc., a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for banking and lending. This integration is powered by Q2 Innovation Studio, a portfolio of technologies and programs financial institutions and fintechs can leverage to design, develop, and distribute innovative products.

DeepTarget’s DXP allows the credit union to engage their members throughout their connected digital ecosystem with personalized messaging that has the power to enhance data-powered cross-selling, onboarding and loyalty engagements. The DXP also includes DeepTarget’s patent-pending 3D StoryTeller™, discoverable AI-powered financial stories, and built-in predictive targeting. This transformative user experience enables financial institutions of any size to uniquely match targeted offers, financial fitness information, timely onboarding information and relevant community messaging to consumers based on specific financial life stages.

“The personalized capabilities DeepTarget brings to our overall digital experience enables us to better connect, understand and anticipate our members’ financial needs, resulting in enhanced member satisfaction and a more successful organization,” said Brian Holloway, Vice President of Marketing, at Andrews Federal Credit Union. “Since the platform integrates directly with our existing Q2 banking solution, implementation was a seamless process. We now have the tools and resources, including AI-based predictive campaigns and 3D StoryTeller, both of which we are deploying to deepen each member relationship with consistent, personalized and welcomed communications within the digital member journey.”

“We are honored to be working with Andrews FCU to provide them with the resources needed to offer unique, tailored and targeted engagements within their digital banking channels,” said Jill Homan, President of DeepTarget. “Andrews FCU is dedicated to providing exceptional member experiences. Working in Q2’s Partner Accelerator Program and with Q2 Innovation Studio enabled the seamless integration between Q2 digital banking and DeepTarget. Now, FIs like Andrews FCU can use our proven and impactful AI-powered digital experience platform  within their digital banking for highly personalized member communications.  Our patent-pending engagement technology combined with a modern, open digital banking platform  ensures that their members benefit from relevant member engagement in a trusted, non-invasive way.”

About Andrews Federal Credit Union

Initially founded in 1948, Andrews Federal has grown to serve more than 134,000 members in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and Military installations in central Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Find Andrews Federal on Facebook and Instagram.

About DeepTarget

DeepTarget helps financial institutions integrate data sources for the purpose of driving meaningful digital engagements that yield more loans and deposits. Their solutions help financial institutions connect with their customers with messages that resonate. DeepTarget’s intelligent digital marketing and sales solutions are used by hundreds of financial institutions to provide a seamless communications experience wherever, whenever and however their customers bank. For additional information visit


Ashley Baldeon, Andrews Federal Credit Union

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