Announcing a purpose-driven redesign of Hanscom FCU’s Leadership Team

HANSCOM AFB, MA (May 16, 2022) — Hanscom Federal Credit Union has initiated an organization redesign that aligns its staffing with its mission and purpose, setting a course for the $1.8 billion credit union to meet its new and ambitious five-year strategic plan. Eighteen key employees were promoted to member-centric and purpose-driven roles, and combined with cutting-edge technology in development, the member-focused organization advances its agenda of superb member experience and financial wellness for all who desire it.

“This paradigm shift creates an agile structure that brings our mission to life – to be the trusted advisor that people turn to for unbiased financial guidance – and that allows a member to focus on their goals and desires for financial wellness,” said Peter Rice, Hanscom FCU’s President/CEO.  “It was created and rolled out by our executive team, and sets us up to continue our evolution as a purpose-driven organization living and breathing its values, the main one being, ‘Members First.’”

Hanscom FCU’s new Strategy office, headed by Dan Ziniti, who was recently promoted to Chief Strategy Officer, will be supporting the organization’s mission by developing new opportunities that help differentiate the credit union in a competitive market. The Strategy office will be supporting the credit union’s financial wellness initiatives by building upon its data analytics and product management departments, as well as developing a new Financial Wellness department that will focus on community financial education and wellness.

Hanscom FCU’s Risk office, headed by the newly promoted Lenai Camacho, Chief Risk Officer, now leads the Information Security department. Several of Camacho’s direct reports received promotions so that the organization may evaluate and mitigate risk effectively, as well as ensure that members’ financial security remains paramount.

An expanded role for Jim Potter, Hanscom FCU’s Chief Operating Officer, means he’ll be enhancing the organization’s newly formed Project Management Office (PMO) and Six Sigma process improvement program with key hires. Jim will also be overseeing the credit union’s Marketing, Branch Banking, Remote Delivery, Operations, and Financial Services departments.

Other organizational offices impacted by the organizational redesign include Lending, Human Resources, and Information Technology. Press releases for each office change, along with announcements of individual promotions, will follow in the coming weeks.

“There is more opportunity and career growth for our employees as we continue to fulfill our mission,” said Rice. “This is just the beginning of our plan to ensure we stay true to our roots as a purpose-driven organization dedicated to helping our members achieve their financial goals, wherever they are in life.”


Peter Rice, President/CEO, Hanscom Federal Credit Union

About Hanscom FCU Charitable Foundation, Inc

Hanscom FCU Charitable Foundation, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides major support to a variety of educational, community, and military endeavors. They include but are not limited to programs that promote the health, education, and well-­being of children, fight against life-threatening diseases, combat homelessness, and provide assistance to veterans. The Foundation, the charitable arm of Hanscom Federal Credit Union, distributes 100% of the proceeds received, with nothing deducted for administrative expenses.


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