Ardent Credit Union announces first-time homebuyer concierge service to help new buyers navigate the road to homeownership

As part of Ardent’s ongoing efforts to provide innovative solutions for its members, the Credit Union also offers auto-buying and recreational vehicle-buying Concierge services

PHILADELPHIA, PA (March 17, 2021)

Today, Ardent Credit Union (ACU) announced the launch of its First Home Concierge, a service designed to make purchasing a home less overwhelming for new buyers. This service provides first-time buyers with one-on-one guidance from the credit union’s mortgage experts, so they can feel confident and make smart decisions during their homebuying experience.

“It’s not unusual for first-time buyers to feel like their financial institution and real estate agent are speaking a different language,” said Rob Werner, President & CEO of Ardent Credit Union. “As a new buyer you can get the sense that everyone around you has done this a thousand times and is running on autopilot. This innovative service is way for us to help new buyers take a deep breathe, know there is someone in their corner and understand what is happening.”

The First Home Concierge service is free for members. In addition to being a source of impartial information, the service offers first-time homebuyers options that make borrowing easier and more affordable. New buyers can put as little as 3 percent down and shop for up to 6 months without their pre-approved rate increasing, as well as other discounts on closing costs and real estate commissions.

“We’re confident that we can give new buyers the unbiased guidance they need to reduce stress and uncertainty when buying their first home in today’s active housing market,” said Damien Manno of Ardent’s First Home Concierge Team. “We look out for our members and always want what is in their best interest.”

In addition to First Home Concierge, Ardent also offers concierge services for auto and recreation vehicle purchases. Since 2017, the Auto Buying Concierge service has been giving members expert insights to take the stress out of car buying, while helping them negotiate to get the best deal. The recently launched RV Buying Concierge service provides one-on-one expertise on finding the perfect recreational vehicle at the right price. These concierge services are among the innovative solutions Ardent is continually introducing to improve the lives of its members.

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