Asa and RevTech Labs to host Best of Show Fintech Showcase at #FinCon22 Financial Influencer Conference

PROVO, UT (August 2, 2022) — Asa connects financial institutions with customer-facing fintechs in a secure, compliant and easy to implement marketplace. The company today announced the six Best of Show Fintech winners to present at the Fintech Showcase at this year’s #FinCon22 Financial Influencer Conference with RevTech Labs on September 7th-10th in Orlando, Florida.

The six Best of Show Fintechs to present at the conference are:

  • Topia, a provider of an app to help track and accelerate your progress to financial independence.
  • Pigeon Loans, a company that simplifies loans with your family and friends.
  • Fortunately, a provider that helps people understand financial trade-offs and optimize their investments, insurance, mortgages and tax-advantaged accounts.
  • MyFirstNestEgg, a company that gamifies healthy financial habits for children ages three through 12.
  • Finch, a company that helps consumers invest and build credit effortlessly as they spend.
  • Retirement Budget Calculator, a provider of a budget calculator to transform retirement and empower people.

“FinCon is a valuable event for content creators, brands and those who are passionate about the way money moves to network and learn about progressive new technology,” said Landon Glenn, CEO and founder of Asa. “We’re proud to host the fintech showcase in partnership with RevTech Labs, highlighting those fintechs that are making a significant impact in the crowded marketplace with their innovative mindsets, creative products and solid business models.”

The Best of Show Fintechs, along with other fintech startups at the conference, will have the opportunity to compete for the Audience Choice Award. For the award, financial influencers will rate the fintechs on team, product/market fit and business model. The influencer that most accurately rates the fintechs (their individual ratings are closest to the fintechs’ average overall score) will be named the #FinCon22 Oracle, earning a #FinCon22 Oracle Crown and a free ticket to #FinCon23.

“We are proud to have Asa’s support on the Best of Show Fintech Showcase, an important component of our annual event,” explained Jessica Bufkin, CEO of FinCon. “Asa understands the value of giving fintechs the opportunity to demonstrate their ideas and technology, as each innovation has the potential to contribute to the broader financial services ecosystem. We are looking forward for what is shaping up to be a very exciting event.”

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