Ascensus Inc. and CUNA to share IRA best practices through upcoming eSchools

MADISON, WI (March 19, 2015) — The upcoming CUNA IRA Essentials eSchool and the new CUNA IRA Beyond Essentials eSchool will share IRA best practices with credit union professionals.

“Retirement savings are incredibly important to credit union members. By partnering with Ascensus, the largest independent retirement savings service provider in the country, we ensure credit unions staff have the information they need to help their members reach their retirement goals,” says Michelle Johnson, instructional design manager. “This year, we further our commitment to IRA training by adding the new CUNA IRA Beyond Essentials eSchool. This school offers a deeper, advanced look into the complex IRA issues credit union professionals are likely to encounter.”

Under the instruction of Fred Volkman of Ascensus, attendees will study IRA and retirement savings best practices as they develop tools for setting up and managing IRA accounts. Credit union professionals participating in the eSchools will develop a complete understanding of IRAs.

CUNA IRA Essentials eSchool
·         Establishing & Amending IRAs: April 21, 2015
·         IRA Contribution: April 28, 2015
·         Understanding & Processing Transfers and Rollovers: May 5, 2015
·         IRA Distributions: May 12, 2015
·         Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs): May 19, 2015
·         IRA Reporting: May 26, 2015

NEW! CUNA IRA Beyond Essentials eSchool
·         IRA Beneficiary Distributions: June 30, 2015
·         IRA Conversions and Recharacterizations: July 7, 2015
·         IRA Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plans: July 14, 2015
·         IRA 72(t) Payments: July 21, 2015
·         QRP Beneficiary Rollovers to Inherited IRAs: July 28, 2015
·         IRA Excess Contributions: August 4, 2015

Prior to the eSchools, CUNA and Ascensus will offer the IRA Basics webinar on April 1, 2015. Credit union staff unfamiliar with IRAs or wishing to refresh their understanding of IRAs should view this webinar before taking the IRA eSchools.

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