ASI’s President/CEO to retire

DUBLIN, OH (February 24, 2022) — After serving American Share Insurance for 36 years, Dennis R. Adams will soon be retiring as ASI’s President/CEO – a position he has held for more than 31 of those 36 years. In the decade prior to joining ASI as its VP of Risk Management in 1986, Mr. Adams had been a practicing CPA mainly focused on credit unions, giving him an accumulative time-in-service to credit unions of 46 years.

As the main driver behind ASI’s leadership team, Adams has successfully helped guide the organization through a
significant number of challenges, including: defending the private share insurance option before Congress as it
moved to pass FDICIA; working with the Federal Reserve Banks while navigating Y2K; saving a major Nevada member credit union through the Great Recession of 2009; and, rescuing select credit unions with innovative and probusiness solutions, such as secondary capital assistance.

Equally important, ASI also experienced tremendous success during his tenure, such as: going from a $39M asset
program in 1985, to one approaching $400M as of year-end 2021; continually reporting a stronger equity ratio than
the NCUSIF; and, launching Excess Share Insurance Corporation (ESI) in 1993, which now insures over $4B in 227
credit unions in 32 states and DC.

In 1991, Adams moved to create ASI’s Credit Union Advisory Council. He felt that, like a credit union, ASI needed to
listen to its members/owners. Since then, member CEOs have met annually to give feedback and offer suggestions
to ASI’s management team and Board of Directors.

It was also in the early 1990s that, after ASI incurred its first corporate credit union loss, he encouraged the Company’s Board to exit the corporate credit union share insurance business. This claim against the fund was
ironically driven by the same factors that created many of the losses tied to NCUA’s corporate credit union collapse
of 2008 – 2010.

In his battle to preserve and grow the private share insurance option in America, Adams has worked diligently over
the years to sustain a professional and interactive relationship with key regulatory authorities, select federal agencies and numerous state and federal legislators. At ASI, the overarching commitment to states’ rights, and the welfare of the credit union system, has been unwavering under his watch.

As Mr. Adams closes this long chapter in his life, he looks forward to remaining associated with ASI and ESI, so that
he can share his experiences, and offer guidance when needed, with the next leader of the nation’s only non-federal
share insurance provider – American Share Insurance

About American Share Insurance

American Share is a member‐owned share guaranty corporation, licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance, and dual‐regulated by the Ohio Departments of Insurance and Commerce. The corporation insures up to $250,000 on each and every account of an individual member. For more information, please call 1.800.521.6342, or contact David Kettlehake at


Dennis R. Adams

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