ATMIA CEO publishes a second book on the future

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM and SIOUX FALLS, USA (August 6, 2014) — ATMIA’s CEO has published a second book on the future, called Codebreaking our Future, aimed at providing leaders with a model for identifying the structures determining the future.
“Business leaders today cannot afford to be inattentive to the future,” said Mike Lee, “It’s a myth that the future is lost behind a mist of uncertainty, that it’s out of bounds for our thinking. It can be understood, anticipated and managed.”
The model of the future is based on causation and uses scientific methods to produce foresight. Cynthia Wagner, editor of The Futurist, the World Future Society’s magazine, which has been in circulation since 1967, commented: “Lee decodes the process of finding the future for individuals, organizations, and nations alike.” US economic futurist, Rob Bencini, wrote of the book “Michael Lee’s new book melds the wisdom of the ages with modern science to forge a unique causation model for forecasting the future. His superior sourcing and research paired with an excellent logic flow gives us both a scenario and modeling forecast for strategic foresight. Thoroughly enjoyable read.”
“Our ATM industry is subject to the same forces of change as the rest of the world and no product, technology, organization or individual is unaffected by these currents of time,” Lee concluded. “But there are definite ways of planning and shaping the future of our industry. We can strive to be visionary in our thinking.”
Codebreaking our Future – deciphering the future’s hidden order follows Lee’s 2012 book Knowing our Future. See  or
for details.
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