ATMIA completes the second round of its Global Benchmarking Study for ATM operators

 SOIUX FALLS, SD & LONDON, UK (February 19, 2014) — Following the success of its first benchmarking project in 2012, the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has announced the successful completion of its second global ATM Benchmarking report. The study has been conducted independently on behalf of ATMIA by Value Partners Management Consultants (Value Partners).

Approximately 65% of the banks and independent ATM deployers (IADs) that took part to the 2012 study participated again to this second round, and were joined by others to a total 42 survey respondents, some of which participated through subsidiaries from multiple countries.  Of these, around 65% are based in mature economies and 35% in emerging or transitioning economies. Similar to the previous round of ATM Benchmarking, the vast majority of responses to the general invitation to participate came from some of the largest ATM operators globally, including banks and IADs.

Mike Lee CEO of ATMIA said “The ability to measure and improve business performance against the best as well as the industry average is a vital tool to today’s successful ATM operator, whether bank or IADs. The second study builds on the successful and interesting results of the first one.”

Francesco Burelli, Partner at Value Partners  said “This an initiative from ATMIA that has the potential to enable significant improvement of the ATM industry as it provided participants with deep insight about how they are managing a highly capital intensive and important retail financial services channel benchmarked against today’s industry best practice”.

Although access to the full results of the ATM Benchmarking study are available to participants alone, ATMIA and Value Partners have jointly released the “ATM Benchmarking Study 2014 and Industry Report” which outlines the main findings of the study.

The report is available upon request at and

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