ATMIA publishes international best practices for ATM cash replenishment

LONDON, UK & SIOUX FALLS, USA (October 1, 2014) — ATMIA has today announced the publication of comprehensive new European Best Practices for ATM Cash Replenishment.

“ATM replenishment is a key to providing best-in-class customer service,” commented Ron Delnevo, Executive Director for ATMIA Europe. “Get it right and customer loyalty is guaranteed. This Best Practice will help you get that right.”

The manual, produced in association with the European Payments Council (EPC), contains a Foreword, Executive Summary, and Overview of the ATM Cash Replenishment Process, as well as detailed sections on Types of Cash Replenishment Processes, including cassette swapping and cash swapping, Organizing Cash Replenishment, Security of ATM cash replenishment, Measuring the Cost of Cash Replenishment, Cash Recirculating ATMs, Rules and Regulations, Business case studies, and, finally, a concluding chapter on Further Levers for Optimization.

“ATMs have become the main distribution channel for cash,” explained author and editor, Guillaume Lepecq. “Optimising the cash cycle means optimising ATM operations.”

“The objective of ATMIA and EPC in publishing the manual is to provide professionals in the ATM replenishment chain with options for performing their mission with greater efficiency to produce even higher levels of consumer confidence and satisfaction,” added Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA.

The new European best practice manual has been released in both English and French.

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