Auto Financial Group celebrates 15 years of success and growth

HOUSTON, TX (December 9, 2014)  Auto Financial Group (AFG), a leading provider of innovative financing products for credit unions and banks, is celebrating 15 years of business in 2014.  Over these past 15 years, AFG has grown from humble beginnings, to the market leader in Auto Remarketing and Balloon Lending. 

AFG would like to thank each of their clients, partners, and staff members for making the past years such a resounding success.  AFG’s growth over the past decade and a half, is a direct result of the dedication and support from each of these valued clients and individuals.

Evidence of this sustained growth can be seen in the recent new signees to the AFG program. These new organizations include: Sumark FCU, Miami FCU, Sharefax FCU, Mid-Hudson Valley FCU, Lake Trust FCU, and GFA FCU.  With combined assets of over $2 billion, combined membership that exceeds 170,000, and average 12 month loan growth of 11%, these new partners continue the trend of expansion across the US, with a footprint that now reaches into over 40 states.

Speaking to the success and stability of the company, CEO Richard Epley said “…we have been in business 15 years and have thrived in the most cyclical time period ever in the auto space.”  This resolution stands as proof of the power of partnership to existing and future clients with AFG.

What will the next 15 years hold?  Only time can tell, but AFG is expecting further growth in 2015.  The company is proud to have served their clients over the years, and looks forward to an even brighter future on the horizon.

About Auto Financial Group
Auto Financial Group, Inc. (AFG), a Houston-based company, provides an online residual based vehicle financing product and vehicle remarketing to financial institutions across the United States. The residual based vehicle financing program provides the lease-like advantages of low payments, flexible terms, actual ownership of the vehicle and several end-of-term options, including the option of being able to surrender the vehicle and walk away in lieu of paying the final loan payment. The financial institution receives higher loan yields, a competitive lease like financing alternative and AFG manages the entire end of term process. The AFG Remarketing program is a proven solution for financial institutions that offers the greatest financial return to their clients by matching assets to the selling network with the greatest amount of buyers. While competitors use a centralized approach to liquidate assets, AFG uses selling networks ranging from traditional auto auctions to direct wholesale to internet selling platforms. 

For more information about AFG residual based financing or their remarketing program, call 713-812-3333 or toll free at 877-354-4AFG, or visit

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